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Contemporary libraries need to be more than a place to read, collect and store books. They need to cultivate a sense of discovery, learning and dialogue. It also needs to confront the assault of digital media in eroding its value as a physical place to meet and engage.  The recent refurbishment of the Dibuka Library at Alliance Francaise sought to bring lightness and fun to the space in an attempt to make it more functional to a multiplicity of different library user needs. As such, attention has been given to a children reading area, a comic book reading lounge, cinema, group and individual study and digital media. Careful attention has been paid to creating different types of user comforts - from walking through the space, browsing, sitting, studying or dialogue. Modular furniture allows for the compact space to meet multiple user-centred requirements. Plywood, a strong, readily-available and light material is used for all new joinery with a bold and bright colour palette complementing the light plywood grain animating the library interior.

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